Lab Testing

WFI offers a wide range of material testing to ensure the parts we manufacturer meet all the applicable material specifications such as ASTM, ASME, ANSI, and API in addition to customer specifications. The testing required by these specifications will vary depending on the material and the intended service of the parts. We provide the testing needed to assure total material compliance.

This testing includes both destructive and nondestructive methods and we have the necessary equipment dedicated to insuring a rapid turnaround with accurate test results.

This testing includes:

Mechanical testing to verify both strength and ductility of the material and includes tensile, hardness (both Brinell and Rockwell methods) and charpy impact test. Corrosion and metallurgical evaluations including the microstructure. Chemical analysis includes both analytical analysis using optical emission spectrometry for accurate product analysis as well as positive material identification (PMI) using portable equipment for verification of the individual parts. Nondestructive Testing (NDE) methods include both volumetric and surface examinations and include the following:

Ultrasonic Examination using the contact method employing both straight and angle beam

Magnetic Particle Examination including both wet fluorescent and dry methods for surface
examination of ferrous materials.

Liquid Penetrant Examination including both fluorescent and visible methods for surface
examination of non-ferrous materials.